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        Why is the price of gold going down?

        Gold Futures Price:trading gold futures

        2020-10-08 16:55:23

        Gold futures are also called "gold futures contracts". A futures contract with gold as the trading object. Like general futures contracts, gold futures contracts also contain content such as trading units, quality levels, deadlines, final expiration dates, quotation methods, delivery methods, minimum price changes, and daily price changes. According to different measurement units, gold futures contracts can generally be divided into two specifications. Taking the Chicago Grain Exchange as an example, one is gold futures weighing 1,000 grams and having a purity of 99.5%, and the other is gold futures weighing 100 troy ounces. Gold futures with a purity of 99.5%.

        Among them, IF’s main positions were significantly reduced, long positions decreased by 6,489 hands, short positions decreased by 5,592 hands, and net short positions increased to 7,217 hands; similar to IF, IH long and short positions also fell, with long positions decreased by 2445 hands, short positions decreased by 2783 hands, and net short positions decreased.

        In terms of specific seats, as the index fluctuates, most of the seats have increased to varying degrees.As of the close of last Friday, the main IF, IH, and IC contracts have discounts of 3.93 points, 3.46 points and 15.20 points respectively.Finally, the new refinancing regulations were officially implemented last weekend, which is positive for the technology growth sector in terms of risk appetite.

        In terms of short positions, the short positions of most seats have increased to varying degrees.Gold Futures Price.In terms of capital, the overall liquidity is relatively abundant.When the market pulls back, they can actively increase their positions on the IC2003 and IC2006 contracts.

        Analysts pointed out that both market trends and capital trends show that the market is generally stable.(TBEA Hu Tao)On Monday, the index futures retreated significantly, the K-line closed green for two consecutive days, and the Shanghai Composite Index retreated to 2900 points.Gold Futures Price.IH reduced its position by 2621 hands, and its position decreased to 55,935 hands.

        The chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Yi Huiman said that the 9 opening measures announced on the Lujiazui Forum have already been implemented, and the remaining 4 will be basically implemented before the end of the year, including further revision of the QFII and RQFII system rules, and the release of H shares "full circulation" "Working guidelines, expand the investment channels for foreign institutional investors to enter the exchange bond market, continue to expand the scope of specific futures varieties, and increase the introduction of overseas traders.Gold Futures Price.However, there are also the forces of Haitong and Dongzheng to become empty, and the game is more intense.Because economic data at the beginning of the year is affected by the Spring Festival, the Bureau of Statistics usually combines the data from January to February and releases it in mid-March.

        Gold Futures Price.The positions of various varieties showed different increases and decreases.

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        The central bank intends to maintain market liquidity through operations such as MLF and reverse repurchase.

        trading gold futures

        Unless a series of data rebounds to drive the job market, it will remain weak.

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        Gold Futures Price | International institutional investors emphasize that they still face major operational challenges and risks in dealing with the shorter settlement cycle of A shares.

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        Since 2005, the probability of a positive increase in the All A Index in the first quarter has been 60%.

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        In addition, the short positions of Hongyuan and Shenyin Wanguo Futures also declined to a certain extent.