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        What are the trading rules for convertible bonds:该忘了

        2021-02-01 11:00:39

        The Canadian Department of Agriculture, Agri-Food, and Food currently forecasts that the ending stock of durum wheat for 2019/20 will be 900,000 tons, which is lower than the 1.792 million tons in the previous year, a decrease of 50%.

        It is roughly estimated to be 1.28 billion mu, an increase of more than 5 million mu over previous years.Superimposed The current iron ore inventory level of steel mills is not high, so the spot price of iron ore is relatively strong in the short term.

        The content of some products is between 95% and absolute ethanol, and the product impurity content of some processes is too high, which leads to Although the process cost is low, some suppliers are too optimistic about the downstream selection of synthetic ethanol to launch the project.What are the trading rules for convertible bonds.The demand side will face winter storage and replenishment and coal rush transportation.Although Brazilian ports and indoor cargo transportation are operating normally under safe conditions, due to the quarantine measures under the epidemic, sugar factory workers cannot work normally.

        International crude oil prices showed a rebound, which brought a certain amount to LPG futures prices.What are the trading rules for convertible bonds.The first direct application in the international financial market.

        It is recommended to take profit only on rallies, and corporate customers can grasp the opportunity of basis repair.What are the trading rules for convertible bonds.It is estimated that my country’s polypropylene plant overhaul loss will be about 133,700 tons in September, a decrease of 39.86% compared to August’s 222,300 tons."[SMM analysis] The long-term short-term consumption of aluminum supply is not obvious in the peak season.

        What are the trading rules for convertible bonds.As of August 10, the main producing areas had acquired 6.6 billion catties of early indica rice, an increase of 800 million catties over the same period last year.

        In the fourth quarter, the imported Australian coking coal resources are tight, and the imported Australian coal accounts for a large proportion.What are the trading rules for convertible bonds.This year’s corn production is basically stable, and the demand for pig breeding has recovered rapidly, leading to a gap in production and demand.What are the trading rules for convertible bonds.The next step is to pay attention to the market pattern of increasing the recovery of corn production and replenishing domestic stocks through a large number of imports.

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        The closure of caustic soda stocks is still strong.

        What are the trading rules for convertible bonds | 武动乾坤

        The off-season is coming to an end.


        At present, the introduction of a new round of fiscal stimulus policies in the United States is at a deadlock, and the uncertainty in the stock market has not disappeared.


        What are the trading rules for convertible bonds | At the same time, they are facing high valuation repairs and short-term bearishness.


        Although yesterday's decline was supported by a rebound at the midline of the potential channel (1880), as long as the rebound does not break through resistances such as 1920-1930, the downward outlook will continue to be maintained.